Q. What are the standards and requirements for the papers?
A. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, authors should follow the standards for a peer-reviewed journal in their discipline. Anyone that has an approved paper proposal must submit a paper by 8/15/18.

Q. Will my paper be published in proceedings?
A. As the author, you can choose to be considered for publication in EPRC’s symposium issue of The Electricity Journal or the Wyoming or Idaho Law Reviews.  Additional questions regarding publication should be directed to the journal you selected to receive your proposal.

Q. How many people may present if our proposal is approved?
A. Only one presenter is permitted per proposal.

Q. I am presenting research at the conference. Do I still need to register?
A. Presenters are not exempt from paying the registration fee. Only event sponsors, the keynote speaker and plenary speakers are exempt. Travel stipends are available for students.
Q. Can I receive a travel stipend?
A. Students that are presenting an accepted proposal may request a travel stipend.
Q. Are you able to assist with international travel?
A. Presenters are responsible for securing visas. The Conference agenda should be used in lieu of an invitation letter.
Q: Will I be able to obtain continuing education credit at EPRC?
A: EPRC will not be certifying its program for continuing education credit in advance.  However, after the conference you may submit the conference materials to your reporting organization and credit may be awarded, depending on the organization.