Q. What are the standards and requirements for the papers?
A. Authors are encouraged to follow the standards for a peer-reviewed journal in their discipline. EPRC is highly interdisciplinary and therefore stringent paper requirements are detrimental to the conference and its participants.

Q. Will my paper be published in proceedings?
A. As the author, you can choose to be considered for publication in EPRC’s symposium issue of The Electricity Journal. For those authors whose work is not considered or selected for the symposium issue, EPRC encourages them to submit their work at a later time to a peer-reviewed journal in their discipline. We do not publish conference proceedings,

Q:  Can I submit a proposal for research that is already published or been accepted for publication?
A:  The short answer is that we do not accept proposals for previously published research at EPRC.  However, if research is published contemporaneously with the conference dates in September (e.g. within 3-4 months), we will consider it as part of our normal process.  The purpose of the conference is not only to disseminate research and find collaborators, but to present and receive feedback on new research and research that is under development as part of larger projects.

Q. I am presenting research at the conference. Do I still need to register?
A. Presenters are not exempt from paying the registration fee. Only event sponsors and the keynote speaker are exempt.

Q. Is there an additional cost to attend the pre-conference tour?
A. Yes, there is an additional cost to attend the pre-conference tour. You must register for the pre-conference tour when you register for the conference, as space is very limited.

Q. Can I receive a travel stipend?
A. If you are a student or junior faculty, you may request a travel stipend.

Q. How much will I receive?
A. The amount you receive is dependent upon the number of approved requests and the funds available for stipends. Past conference stipends have been in the range of $125 to $200 each.

Q. Are you able to assist with international travel?
A. Presenters must be able to secure visas on their own. Conference staff will not assist with visas in any way, including providing an invitation letter.