EPRC Exhibitors

Exhibitor Booth Space: $5,000

Exhibitors will receive dedicated, prominently-placed booth space to disseminate information and directly introduce and discuss in detail their organization to the public, clients, and prospective employees. Exhibitors receive booth space with tables and chairs, as well as large television monitors for video presentations and space for hard copies to display their organization information.

If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out the exhibition information request.


EPRC Exhibitor Interest Form

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Seth Blumsack, Pennsylvania State University

“EPRC is one of the really few opportunities for people from very different backgrounds–from law, political science, engineering, economics, public policy–to get together and have real discussions about common and important issues, not only for our own professional and academic enlightenment, but also for society at large.”

Daniel M. Kammen, Nobel Laureate, University of California, Berkeley

“EPI’s Energy Policy Research Conference was a uniquely exciting and vibrant experience where researchers and practitioners in diverse aspects of the energy and climate system truly ‘got down to brass tacks’ to examine critical issues for our shared energy and environmental future.”

Brent Steel, Oregon State University

“EPI’s Energy Policy research Conference is a wonderful conference for students, faculty, practitioners, and managers to network and learn about the newest energy policy issues facing the West. Our public policy students have made connections for exciting internships and energy policy related employment, including in the rapidly growing renewable sector.”